Matt Stockdale - Philantropist, proven entrepreneur, provider of non exec director services and business adviser. 
With business growth comes risk – ensure you have the right team around you. 
I try and do three things in a day: 
1) make money 
2) have fun 
3) and do some good... 
If you can do all three, then you’ve had  
a great day! Try it. Its not as easy as it sounds! 
When my PR team said I needed to secure the domain, I was not particularly thrilled, as pretentious I’m certainly not.  
However I bowed to the experience of those far more skilled in this area than I and admitted the likely phrase people would search when trying to find out more about me and what I do, is my name. I conceded, so welcome. 
As a huge believer of fate, I believe that ‘what goes around - comes around’ and as such I do what I can for others, whilst focusing on the things that stimulate me, those being my family, business and success. I try and do 3 things daily, 1) make money, 2) have some fun, 3) and do some good – if you can do all three you’ve had a great day! 
Having fulfilled a lifelong ambition to become a successful entrepreneur, my intentions are to now share my experience and expertise with other business owners and company directors, by providing the role and services of a non-executive director to a small number of key, thriving businesses. 
Business can be a lonely place, especially when you have great ambition for growth. Making decisions that could mean you working more hours, risking built up reserves, or even borrowing money are not decisions to be entered into lightly. In short substantial business growth means unchartered waters, procedures that work at the size you are now will no longer be applicable as you grow, demands on your cash flow will change dramatically, and what of the skills of the people in your business, can they cope? 
Having personally captained a ship of this kind, I can confirm first hand that moving from £1m to £2m is a quantum leap and test of your processes and people. FACT - ambitious growth needs careful managing, achieved by having what I refer to as ‘grey hair’ on your board. Ageist? Perhaps, but I’m also a realist. 
The key to my success was making the decision to bring some ‘grey hair’ to my board of directors. People who have seen and done it all before, a sounding board for ideas and a steering group to deliver critical strategic goals…the objective to grow ‘MY’ business. I am currently involved in a number of projects, one of note is liaises with the police to provide a very unique service. We have a proven track record of holding bad drivers to account on behalf of concerned motorists who are fed up with drivers who flout the law, who put others at risk and have now chosen to record their journeys with a dash cam. Read More.. 
My main contributor, friend and mentor was the late Angus Fleming, he became a non-executive director (NED) on my board fairly early on as the business grew. He learned how to stimulate my ambition, but helped keep my feet on the ground. He had already made his money in life, therefore I had the greatest respect for his opinions and views. His area of expertise was finance, quickly ensuring we had monthly management accounts to understand exactly what our growth looked like. He challenged me constantly, which on occasions was infuriating, but it gave me the opportunity to reflect.  
The end result was that I learned how to get the best out of my board of directors, enabling me to make the right decisions for the company, my shareholders (me) and my customers. We grew, and grew… 
Has your business plateaued, become stagnant. Do you think you’ve reached your peak? Are you physically exhausted?  
The time may now be right for you to make the decision to seriously grow your business, perhaps with the view of either listing, merging or selling it? 
If so, do you have the right team around you. My guess is you don’t, not yet. 
Perhaps I can help? As it doesn’t cost anything to talk, we’ve nothing to lose by chewing the cud, as the saying goes. Challenge me - see if I have the substance to help you take your business to the next level. 
A BIT ABOUT ME…AND NED’s (non-executive director) 
Being humble, I have indeed been fortunate in life and in business, I am married to Maxine and father to Lauren, my beautiful teenage daughter. At 40 I sold my first business, a business that I started in my spare room, a brand that had become a household name in just a few years, Oven Pride. You may recall the advert “Oven Pride, so easy a man can do it!” 
By taking a brand from concept to market leader I feel I have earned the right to say I am a highly successful and a proven entrepreneur and businessman, more importantly proud to be a philanthropist. I get great satisfaction from helping and supporting people in need. This goes back to my daily objective of making money, having fun and doing some good. 
I have 3 areas of interest, which you can read more about should you wish elsewhere in this site, these are policing, the risk of space weather, now included on our National Risk Register, and the cost of energy, a basic human right. I’m passionate about all three. 
It is a fact that SME’s with non-executive directors consistently outperform companies that do not have any. A non-executive director will add real value and help take your business to the next level. NED’s provide a fresh outlook, approach and the skills to match the needs of a business whether it's steadying the ship or indeed growing it. 
To run a successful business and turn it into a remarkable company, the management team needs a mix of energy, raw talent and the relevant experience and expertise. Like any business, including my own, ‘we’ have to be honest with ourselves, we have to stick to what we’re good at, but at the same time surround ourselves with people who are good at the tasks we’re not. If not, we run the risk of limiting, or choking the business. Empower, reward and trust those around you. As a wise man once told me, focus on the 95% of your business that is working well, not on the 5% that’s not. 
Any business, no matter what size, sector or industry will benefit from a complimentary team of executive directors, if only one. If you’re looking for someone to join your board, someone who is full of enthusiasm, is innovative, creative, has a proven track record, who specialises in sales and marketing, and understands the fundamentals of business, get in touch, I would love to hear from you. 
...If you asked me what Matt brings to our business, the list would be endless. He has helped transform, and I mean transform the business from a successful small printing company to a multi-million pound success, offering an array of products not just print... 
Shane Holdcroft, Managing Director  
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…Matt’s enthusiasm is unwavering. He keeps at every project he runs with a determination of its success, whether it be sales, finance, production or marketing. He is a real asset to our company… 
Shane Holdcroft, Managing Director 
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