Matt Stockdale - Philantropist, proven entrepreneur, provider of non exec director services and business adviser. 
My Background  
I am a proven businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. I get great satisfaction from helping and supporting people. And my passion for policing is unparalleled. 
Raised in NN3 by a single parent, I was that misguided youth the police chased through the streets all those years ago.  
I was on course to be a statistic, a failure with no prospects, ready to blame the system for my lack of opportunities. But that is not how my life played out, I knew from the age of 17 that I would one day be a millionaire, a dream I held onto all my adult life. I never once stopped believing, and at the age of 40 I succeeded in my goal. 
Whilst not an academic, I am creative, I trust my gut and can solve problems that seasoned graduates and experienced senior managers cannot. I have been blessed with a positive and very creative mind. The result numerous inventions and business ideas along the way. 
Despite my business success my family and I remain with our feet firmly on the ground, we are just normal people living in Northampton. I care deeply for our community and that of Northants Police. My passion for policing stems from the fact that my Granddad and Uncle were both police officers, and from my experience as a Special Constable in Northants Police. For more than 7 years I worked with the instant response teams (IRT) responding to your 999 calls. In that time I received two commendations and a letter of thanks from the force. 
Alas following ill health in spring 2010 I resigned from Northants Police and put aside all other business interests whilst I recovered. It was a difficult time in my life to say the least.  
Full Name: Matthew Stockdale 
Preferred Name: Matt 
Position: Chairman 
Born: 1969 
Nationality: British 
Responsible for: The strategic direction of the business and policy 
Previous Role: Managing Director of Homepride Limited, 2002-2009 
“Surround yourself with good people, encourage them, empower them and trust them...” 
“Success is a state of mind” 
“Don’t take life too should be fun...” 
“Laugh at yourself from time to time...” 
My Business Success: 
HomePride - Having been made redundant in 2000 by ailing telecoms company NTL, I decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition and use my experience of sales and marketing to set up my own company. I trusted my gut and risked my life savings! Lauren, my daughter had just been born, a growing family, no pressure then! 
My flagship product, Oven Pride, 'The one with bag' quickly became a housewives favourite, selling initially through Kleeneze and QVC and then through major retailers. 
After enquiries from consumers regarding availability in store, I tackled retail giant Tesco with the view of them stocking my products. The response was always ‘thanks but no thanks’ so in a bizarre last ditched attempt to keep the buyers interest I said "Let me send some complimentary product to your mother, your aunt, your sister…." Amazingly he agreed, I think just to get me off the phone! Two weeks later I was in Tesco head office agreeing a deal to supply his stores, his Mum was so impressed with the sample I sent, she insisted he give me a shot. 
Another 'gut feel' decision which paid off for me was to launch a controversial television advertising campaign for OvenPride. Producing the advert on a minuscule budget with the strap line ‘OvenPride - so easy, a man can do it!’.  
The ad generated almost a 1000 complaints to the advertising standards authority and sparked a national newspaper debate over claims of ‘male sexism’. The resulting media exposure created a huge increase in sales for OvenPride. At one point consumer demand for OvenPride was so strong Tesco stocked the product in extra stores. OvenPride soon became the fastest selling product in its category, outselling Mr Muscle. 
In December 2009 I sold the company to a major PLC having built up substantial annual profits not usually seen in the retail supply industry.  
Squeeze with Ease - Nowadays I have many business interests, one of note is a product rejected by the dragons on Dragons Den, its called 'Squeeze with Ease'. The dragons missed a huge opportunity with this one. Whilst it took the best part of 14 months, the company has recently entered into a joint development deal with a global manufacturing giant. Have a look on YouTube, see what you think. 
PoliceWitness - I set up with my business partner ex Assistant Chief Constable Alan Featherstone. Our interest is to make our roads and communities a safer place. liaises with the police to provide a very unique service. We have a proven track record of holding bad drivers to account on behalf of concerned motorists who are fed up with drivers who flout the law, who put others at risk and have now chosen to record their journeys with a dash cam. 
Claim to Fame: 
I built Nigel Mansell’s debut and championship winning engine when he turned to Indy Car in 1993. Not quite as exciting, I am also responsible for cleaning around 9 million ovens between 2002 and 2009! I invented Oven Pride, ‘the one with the bag’ the UK’s No 1 oven cleaner. 
Area of Expertise: 
I have learned to trust my gut and go with my instinct, particularly where new product ideas and brands are concerned. 
Career History: 
As a young apprentice I worked for several years in the motor racing industry, building race engines for Formula 1, F3000 and Indy car. In the 90’s I started to take a keen interest in management and left motor racing behind for a career in telecoms. 
I held several management positions before facing redundancy for a second time in 1999. The .com crash created new opportunities and a different focus, the result was the decision to start my own company. The years that followed were spent developing and shaping Homepride Limited, a retailer supply business. The company was sold in 2009 to a PLC. 
Two commendations during my service in Northants Police, both of which I am very proud of. Selling Homepride, a company I started in my spare room. And helping people.  
Most Memorable Controversial Decision: 
In 2009 I took the decision to take our brand to new heights with the release of a new advertising campaign, the slogan “ easy a man can do it!” There was uproar! Sales more than doubled as customers commented on the funny, yet sometimes realistic portrayal of an average co-hab couple. Nearly 600 complaints (nearly all male) were made to the Advertising Standards Authority, luckily none were upheld and we were allowed to continue. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! Sales doubled overnight. 
Future Goals: 
To write a book about starting, growing and selling a business. Whilst there are many self help books out there, none to my knowledge tell the reader the actual steps of success. They talk ‘of’ them, but not about them. I want to inspire others who have that burning desire to change their lives. However I will share the actual steps of know how! Watch this space. 
My family foremost. Policing and road safety. I served for 7+ years as a Special Constable in Northants Police. A rewarding way to spend your time, highly recommended. Nowadays I have many business interests and still enjoy helping others in need. I also enjoy photography and have a keen interest in clay pigeon shooting. 
Married to Maxine, who shows her endless support for me each and every day. We have a wonderful daughter, Lauren-Tayla, who appears to have me wrapped round her little finger. Daddy’s princess (...of course!) 
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