Matt Stockdale - Philantropist, proven entrepreneur, provider of non exec director services and business adviser. 
Why Matt Stockdale? 
Please help me keep politics away from policing.  
Vote Matt Stockdale, your non-political choice for Police Commissioner.  
To keep the politicians out, I need your vote on November 15th.  
Please do not waste it. 
Here is a quick comparison guide. Print it off and ask the same of the other candidates; I’ve started you off… 
Matt Stockdale 
Political Agenda 
Candidate 1 
Political Agenda 
Candidate 2 
Political Agenda 
Candidate 3 
No political agenda or allegiance. Your interests only. 
No manifesto, promises or pledges, just a guarantee…deliver, or resign. Simple. 
Not an ex-union member, councillor, politician, or magistrate. No affiliation with the Police Authority, meaning you won’t get more of the same! 
I support good old fashioned policing, where victims’ rights are put before offenders. 
I will put more officers in our communities, without increasing the precept in your council tax 
I will keep my focus on local matters important to you. 
I am an experienced businessman with a proven track record and many years of experience managing multi million pound budgets. 
Northants top cops take circa £1m in salary packages – again why I’m strongly opposed to any rise in your council tax for policing. 
Ask me a question and you’ll get a straight answer. Now ask a political candidate the same! 
£70k is a ridiculous salary; I will take a reduced salary to create an additional job for someone else. 
I have 7 years of front line policing experience in Northants. I’ve seen first-hand what goes on. 
I grew up in NN3. I’ve lived all walks of life. From poverty to success. I was that misguided youth and understand how to change behaviour and inspire others. 
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